Today was a sunny day, the one that makes you thrive for a beer, mint lemonade or an intergalactic crash, just like the one ending von Trier’s Melancholy. And in the middle of the heat, meditating like Kirsten Dunst on a green meadow, something just struck me. An idea.

Maybe partly it was caused by the third episode of the new Black Mirror season I’ve seen last night. It wasn’t really up to the standard the viewers were used to, myself included. Frankly, the plot was dry as a salt lake, the distance in quality from San Junipero should be expressed in light years, and it was night and night even compared to Hang the DJ. Just a teenage flick about bloodsucking business which creeps everywhere where big money is put at stake. To make thing interesting it gravitated around Miley Cyrus’ career…

However, I took a look at it from a meta-level, where I found the failed show of the girl playing the main role as a metaphor for the little scenario slips in the latest BM’s season. She’s training for the school dance competition and starts to believe in herself. When the moment comes, she loses it, trips and runs from the scene and never goes back. It’s ridiculously easy to cross the line between love and hate, to point out the little trips. In fact, the better someone is performing the easier it is to not meet ever-raising the bar in the long run. And sometimes just once is enough.

We should be thankful to the creators as they’re really doing their best and trying hard to make a change, make something of quality. Many times they already proved they can. It doesn’t really matter if they do it for money or some higher goal.  Just look around, wherever you are now. Imagine how much effort it took to build what you see. Just appreciate it. 

Showing out is difficult. On the other side, it takes no effort to criticize someone, who is already exposed. I strongly believe that because of that, of that fear, of that anxiety we all lose a lot. Because somewhere out there, there was someone afraid of the criticism and hate, just like the little Rachel – Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.

I know it sounds like a lot of bullshit, like stating the obvious, but today I decided to take a little step toward making this world a bit less pesky. The idea is simple but powerful:

Express sincere, positive opinions.

Take online reviews as examples. Many studies show that dissatisfied customers will write a negative comment with ~90% probability. On the other hand, positive reviews are several times less likely.

That’s it. Go hunting. Be good. 

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